Hidden Dangers Car Accidents

Hidden Dangers Car Accidents. Even if you are not in extreme pain after an auto accident you still have the right to be checked by a doctor such as a chiropractor. Chiropractors are great car accident doctors because they work on the spine to help alleviate spasm, tenderness, loss of motion, subluxation and whiplash injuries and other car accident injuries. Often hidden dangers of injuries from auto accidents will reveal themselves three to four weeks down the line. Get checked sooner or you will not be eligible for your insurance benefits. Call us to prevent the Hidden Dangers Car Accidents.

You are in an Accident and it can be confusing as to what to do.  First make sure yourself and everyone involved is okay and if possible move your vehicle away from traffic.  Second call 911 to report the accident and make a police report.  Take pictures of the vehicles and get All parties involved in the accident license plate and/or insurance.

If you do not need to go to the hospital but would still like to be checked please call our office to make an appointment.  There are Hidden Dangers Car Accidents. You could have Whiplash Injury which could impact your spine later on in life.  The tight and taut muscles of disc injury can alter the curvature of your spine.  When your spine (Neck=cervical, Mid-back=thoracic, Lowback=lumbar)does not move properly the bones begin to change shape and degenerate.  These changes can and will impact your range of motion, posture, and more later in life.