Services Provided

Chiropractic Adjustments/Manipulations

The chiropractor will utilize their hands or a small tool in order to realign your vertebrate and allow spinal joints to move freely. Most often no pain is felt. Sometimes there is a sound that occurs called joint cavitation. By allowing the spinal joints to move as intended the musculoskeletal system is alleviated of pain signals and the nervous system functions optimally.


There are many different types of massage. Overall Massage is manual techniques utilized to free muscles of aches and pains, to decrease tension and spasm, to increase range of motion, and to increase RELAXATION!

Therapeutic Exercise

The doctor may prescribe exercise for you to help with impairment, function and well being. These exercises are specifically geared towards your particular problem.

Physical Therapy/Physiotherapy

Physical Therapy/Physiotherapy includes Stretching, Electrical Muscle Stimulation to decrease pain and maintain muslce strength, Kinesiotaping to support ligament tears or sprain/strain injuries, Therapeutic Ultrasound to decrease scar tissue and increase nutrients to an area of injury. All of these speed recovery time from a sports related injury to an auto accident.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release is a technique performed by a licensed physical therapist (in our clinic) will release muscular tension in the fascia that can be caused by emotional or physical trauma and inflammation. Fascia surrounds bones, muslces, organs and nerves. Myofascial therapy may play an important role in your recovery.